A list of clients we served can be obtained upon request.

We have worked in the following industries:

  • Food (biscuits, chocolates, brewery, slaughterhouse, starch, meat,  etc.)
  • tank cleaning (both ADR and non-ADR)
  • chemical
  • paper
  • paint and coatings
  • logistics
  • waste treatment
  • landfill (leachate)
  • pharmaceuticals
  • petrochemicals
  • etc.


To give some examples on what we have done in the broad field:

  • A lot of microscopy for problem solving (mostly bulking sludge, foaming, scumming, deflocculation issues, etc.)
  • A lot of respirometry for biodegradation (kinetics) assessment, problem solving, toxicity testing, adaptation processes for different industrial wastewaters
  • Basic process and lay-out design & engineering of complete industrial and communal wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)
  • A lot of simple (!) changes in plant operation: if possible, rather than advising big revamps or expanding the plant considerably
  • Process and lay-out design of large sludge handling facilities
  • Nitrification inhibition assessment for several clients
  • Exploitation & management of industrial wastewater treatment plants, including third party (trucked-in) wastewater treatment
  • Acceptance (tests), commissioning and start-up of wastewater treatment plants
  • Design- & engineering review (including P&ID-level and functional description of automation)
  • Emergency intervention in case of severe accidents
  • Discussions with several environmental bodies (permit delivery, law enforcement, etc.)
  • On-the-job training of operators, awareness building for operators, staff and management
  • Upgrading of plants: tests, design, engineering and installation of new equipment (sand filters, DAF, physico-chemical units, change of aeration systems, installation of new sensors, new dewatering equipment, etc.)
  • Changes in automation of:  membrane filtration, SBR upgrading, extra denitrification unit, etc.
  • Microscopic long-term follow up of plants
  • Contract negotiations: getting the “best bang for the buck”
  • ….


We have worked on both big and on small projects
We have worked alone and we have worked in big teams
We have been on almost all sides of the business table
We have worked both in Europe as well as abroad

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